Managing our responses to the important things in our life is what happiness and success are all about.  Whether it be business or personal, when we are in tight spots, when life is really challenging us, when our decisions really matter, being able to remain calm as we figure out what to do and then take the most appropriate action, is as good as it gets.  (more under the video) 


Our anger, fear, frustrations and concerns limit our ability to perform our best, especially when it really matters.  Thinking is important, but when our thinking is clouded by our worries and concerns we’re nowhere near as smart as we think.  The actions we take determine the quality of our personal and professional life, and we’re finding out our emotions have more to do with our decisions and actions than we ever thought.  

Our emotions usually play out one of two ways.  Either we’re automatically following them around because of our natural tendencies (the way we’re wired; fight or flee), or we are using our conscious mind to control the action.  Let’s use an example of a thermostat to describe the conscious process we support:

Think of our emotions as representing the range of a thermostat.  On one end we can turn it up real hot (anger).  And at the other extreme we can turn it down real cold (fear).  In between are all the different feelings we experience including the habitable range somewhere in the middle.   Can you picture this?  Ok, now, instead of your hand reaching up and setting the desired temperature, as if you were using a real thermostat, picture your mind taking a look at how you’re feeling in the moment and deciding if it wants to change your emotional temperature.

The first step in learning to control our energy in important situations is to become conscious we have the ability to be somewhat in control of our emotions.  As we learn the skill of checking our “temperature” our conscious mind begins to develop the habit of paying attention to how we’re feeling when things are important.  After a while, our emotional thermostat becomes sensitive when we’re either too hot or too cold and reminds our conscious mind to make the adjustment.  Our complimentary two week program—Real Change–allows you to use our process on anything currently happening in your life and see for yourself what managing your energy can do for you!

Enjoy, Coach