Whether it’s business or personal, when we’re in tight spots, when life is really challenging us, when our decisions really matter, being able to remain calm as we figure out what to do and then take the most appropriate action, is as good as it gets.  (more under the video) 


We continue to gather more and more insight on how to control our emotions and make our best decisions when we’re under the pressure of important situations.  Our program teaches and transfers the skill of managing our responses when it matters most.  We do this by incorporating the latest research:  

1.  Successful programs  have certain characteristics that can be described by the acronym SAFE:

S: Activities are sequenced.   They follow a prescribed order in which advanced skills build on more rudimentary ones.

A: Effective programs are active. Participants are not just passively getting information; they have plenty of opportunity to practice the skills.

F: The most effective programs focus; make managing their emotions a priority, not an afterthought or an add-on.

E: The best programs are explicit; they target a specific social or emotional skill and concentrate on developing it.

2.  Imagining potential impediments beforehand, and making a plan for dealing with them really adds to our chance for success.  When pressure finds us it really helps if we know what to do ahead of time. Practice makes perfect.  

3.  Successful programs dealing with handling the pressures of important situations, no matter the technique, contain these elements:

..The training must be fun. The more we enjoy the activity, the greater the chance we’ll stick with it.

..The training needs to be demanding, but not so demanding we get overwhelmed. We have to feel comfortable with the effort required and that effort must be successful.

..The training must be sustained over time through deliberate practice. Building new habits in our brain takes repetitions over time.

Our adherence to these concepts, as well as our ongoing research, makes our program state of the art in attempting to increase our knowledge and effectiveness in important situations. Our two week complimentary program allows you to experience firsthand what our program can do for you!

Enjoy, Coach