managing emotions from Coach Bob on Vimeo.

Creating more peace and joy in this world is the goal of our coaching. We accomplish this by successful supporting people learn how to manage their emotions of anger, fear and the pursuit of pleasure, so they can become the best they can be. Nothing makes us feel better than when we’re at peace with all aspects of our lives and are having fun spending time with meaningful work.   As humans, we have the ability to master the skills it takes to live such a life.

During the first month of our coaching process; we’ll make you recognize the aspects of important situations that test your ability to be the best you can be, we’ll explain in understandable concepts the accurate knowledge needed to successfully move forward and we’ll supervisor your practice so you give the effort required.  After completion of the first month we’ll hook you up to our autoresponder that sends you short daily reinforcement for 60 straight days thereafter, as well as be available to support you when situations get complicated during the 60 day period.  This 90 day process will change your behavior, and your life, in ways that will amaze you.

The science is really strong on this. The stress we feel, which affects all of us, is equal to the amount of anger and fear we feel on a daily basis. The more we can take a step back when we’re in these two emotional states and calm down, the better our lives are in so many different ways. And when we can extend that calmness to the others around us, we create cooperating, prosocial families, organizations and communities that easily outperform groups centered on the individual.   Whenever atoms, cells, people or groups cooperate, they survive and reproduce.

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