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Our influential leadership process

Thousands of people have been asked why they follow the leaders they do. The data convincingly comes back to four characteristics: They’re trustworthy, they’re compassionate, they bring stability and they create hope. Managers that have this type of allegiance have become know as influential leaders. The skill they bring to the party is knowing when others need their support and are there right when they’re needed. By demonstrating the skill and educating those they manage, they make everyone better equipped to succeed and prosper. Identifying your current managers that are capable of becoming influential leaders is step 1 of our process. Step two is developing their skills in becoming influential leaders. Each of these steps involves an effortless 30-day process that doesn’t interfere with their current routine. So, in only 60 days your organization has taken its leadership to a new level. Contact me through this website to schedule an appointment to find out all the details.

Why spending resources on leadership skills makes good business sense

The quickest way to make a productive cultural change is to develop your leadership.

Turning a manager into an influential leader takes an organization to another level. 

Qualified managers can learn to be influential leaders quickly and efficiently.

Influential leaders have the skill of getting others back in control when inevitable mistakes, deadlines, and relationship issues want to disrupt productivity.

People follow an influential leader because the leader is always there for them when the pressures and tensions of the job have them struggling.

Because they care, influential leaders are seen by others as trustworthy, compassionate, stable and give them hope of better things to come.


It’s not just employees that benefit from effective leadership, it’s all the individuals the influential leader comes in contact with; suppliers, customers, and consultants, etc.

Our philosophy

It’s no secret the most productive business environments get back in control quickly when tensions and pressures push them off course. When mistakes, deadlines and relationship issues create tension, being able to get back in control as soon as possible is the skill that produces the best outcomes. Being cool calm and collected when pressures arise is tough at the moment and the sooner you can get back in control the better your performance. Unfortunately, not many can turn it around quickly when things start going bad. So, identifying those in management that can get back in control quickly and training them to support others who don’t, is a super effective way to maximize productivity. A major hurdle to successfully developing and transferring this skill is the ease of which it can be implemented. That’s the beauty of our process. It takes little time and mental effort and no changes to current routines are necessary. All it takes is identifying those managers who are capable and having them experience and enjoy the success they gain by using the process. Once your key leaders understand and use the process successfully, developing the best way to effectively support it throughout the organization with different strategies is easily accomplished. Contact me through this site and we’ll discuss the possibilities of working together to make your work environment the best possible.

Coach Bob

Coach Bob Glotzhober grew up in the Detroit area when cars and music made Detroit the hot spot of the nation. After graduating from college Bob entered the financial services industry in his mid-twenties and went on to develop his own successful financial services business.  Wanting a new challenge he sold his financial services business in his mid-40’s and developed his consulting company Realchange Coach Inc. He’s been coaching businesses and individuals for the last 25 years in handling the tension and pressures that get in the way of optimal performance.  His dedication to research continues to increase the effectiveness of his programs. He’s a regular guest on national radio, published in highly regarded business journals, a guest on web streaming shows, and president of a non-profit.  He currently lives in suburban Detroit. He has 4 children and eight grandchildren and is in a wonderful relationship over the last 25 years with his partner Gail.  

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